Steps to Take to Prevent Nail Fungus

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  • September 4, 2017
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Nail Fungus Prevention

If you have had nail fungus before, you know it is not pretty and you know it can be painful.  Once the nail has healed however, you are still at a risk of getting it again.  Below are some very simple steps that can help you prevent another round of nail fungus:

  • You nails should be kept trimmed at all times.  When you trim them, make sure that you file them straight across.  Keep your nails clean and dry and remember to always dry your hands and feet completely after you bath, shower, or wash your hands.  You should dry between your toes extremely well after they have been wet.
  • Wear socks that keep moisture off of your feet.  Synthetic socks are much better for your feet than are cotton or wool socks.  If your feet sweat a lot or if you work in a place that keeps you feet wet, take a few pair of extra socks so that you can change throughout the day.  You should take off your shoes during the day if it is possible and particularly after you have exercised.  If possible wear open toed shoes and swap them out with closed toe shoes.
  • Use a powder or spray on your feet to prevent them from sweating as much.  You should apply it your feet before putting your socks on and put it inside your shoes or boots for added protection.
  • Wearing rubber gloves will keep your hands from getting too wet.  When you are finished with them, turn them inside out so that they can dry out before using them the next time.
  • Do not scratch at the cuticles or skin that surrounds your nails.  Doing this can cause small cuts or sores that will allow bacteria to get into the skin and possibly underneath the nail.
  • If you have to be exposed to somewhere that has public showers, public restrooms or public locker rooms, do not walk around barefoot.  Invest in some shower shoes or flip flops to protect your feet from the germs and bacteria that are prone to grow in these places.
  • Make sure that the salon you visit for manicures and pedicures sterilize their utensils properly.  This is a breeding ground for nail fungus bacteria to grow.  If possible, you can invest in your own set of utensils and take them with you when you go to get a manicure or pedicure.  If they do not allow you to do, you should find someplace that will.  If they have a good reputation, they will not really care.
  • Do not wear polish on your nails and do not invest in acrylic nails.  If you already have a nail fungus, the polish can irritate it and make it worse and if you do not already have one, extended use of polish can cause the nail to become brittle and easy to break.  This can allow bacteria to get under the nail.  Using acrylic nails allows bacteria to grow in between the layers of the real nail and the acrylic nail.
  • If you do touch a nail that is infected make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap because nail fungus can be spread to other nails.
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