Nail Fungus and Can it be Treated?

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  • September 4, 2017
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Toenail Fungus

Fungal nail infections will begin as yellowish, brownish or black line underneath the nail.  These infections can cause the nail to itch, swell, become sore and have an unpleasant smell.  If this type of infection is not treated immediately it can spread to the other toes and will move deeper into the skin which will make it much harder to treat because of the severity of it.  This type of infection can also be spread from person to person causing those around you to become infected also.

If you spend a lot of time in locker rooms, around swimming pools or your feet or hands are damp constantly, you do stand a greater risk of being affected by a nail fungus infection.  You should invest in some swimming shoes or flip flops when in a locker room or pool and if you have to work where it is damp, be sure to bring several changes of socks so you can change throughout the day, and try to dry your hands off at regular intervals so that the condition does not become worse or spread.

If it is treated immediately you should be able to regain the healthy nails that you once had.  If you decide to use an over the counter medication you will need to be sure to read the warning labels completely and thoroughly.  You need to be aware of the side effects associated with the medication you are going to administer.

With some over the counter medications the side effects are worse that then initial nail fungus infection.

You certainly do not want to cause yourself more harm than good.  Also be warned that a majority of the over the counter remedies are only intended to get rid of the symptoms of the fungus, not get rid of the fungus itself.  You will only be putting a band-aide on the problem at hand, not actually treating it.

Toenail Fungus DoctorYou can also visit your doctor to see what type of medications there are available by prescription only.  You and your doctor can go over the side effects of the drugs and you can make a decision as to whether you want to start using that type of treatment or not.

Make sure you decide on what works best for you and your lifestyle and do not put yourself in more jeopardy than you were in before.  Concentrate on finding something that will work to fight the infection as well as all of the other things that go with nail fungus infections; discolored nails, itching, burning and the pain.

You should also be careful not to use any type of medication or drug that will irritate the skin that surrounds the nail.  If you do that it can cause the skin around the nail to become weaker, red, swollen and in some cases infected.  That is only adding fuel to the fire and will not be worth the money you spent on the medication or the doctor’s visit.

More often than not, people make a condition worse when they apply the medication incorrectly by not reading the directions entirely before applying it.  Always be sure you know what type of medication you are putting on was designed especially for the purpose you are using it for and know what the ingredients are so that you do not experience any negative effects of the drug.

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