About This Website – How To Contact Me

Alex JohnsonHi – My Name is Alex Johnson (author of toenailsfunguskiller.com)
For almost 10 years I have been an avid martial artist, and on three different occasions I have been infected with nail fungus (1 fingernail infection and 2 toenail infections).

Although it is embarrassing, yellow toenails are an ailment common for many practitioners of martial arts.

The perfect breeding ground for the growth of fungi and bacteria is created in the environment of a gym, with floor mats that soak up sweat, and the release of body heat that causes elevated room temperatures.

In summary, as a result of my own experiences with nail fungus infections, I have helped others at my gym to get rid of theirs, and therefore became an expert on nail fungus inadvertently.

After spending a great deal of time on researching and sampling different treatments, I made the decision to create the website toenailsfunguskiller.com, to share the wealth of knowledge I gained about getting rid of toe fungus.

My view is that if more persons are educated about how to effectively treat nail fungus, then the likelihood of me becoming infected again in the future will be reduced.

Please go ahead and enjoy the website, and feel free to contact me if you need further clarification or have questions on treating your fungus, or perhaps want to share successful methods you may have used in the past!