Tips for Maintaining Healthy Nails

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Healthy nails

When you have healthy nails you can usually tell just by looking at them.  They are a rosy color and appear sheen.  They feel smooth and do not contain any wrinkles or ruts in them and you do not find any type of spot or staining on the nails. The skin that surrounds your nails is soft and feels and looks good; it is not cracked or red.

The same protein that makes up your hair and skin are what make up your nails.  The portion of your nail that you can see is called the nail plate and the skin that is located right under your nail is the bed of the nail. This is called Keratin and contains water and fat and is part of what forms our nails as well as helps to keep them healthy.  The bed of the nail and the cuticle of the nail are extremely important and should be kept clean and well-manicured at all times.

When you have nails that are healthy it will add to how your nails look.  A lot of people express themselves with their nails.  They paint the finger and toe nails to match one another with colors for their favorite sports team, to reflect their mood or personality and just to make them look pretty.  Polish will however, had adverse effects on your nails; it can chip or break the surface of the nail when left on for an extended period of time.  It will depend on the polish, how long it’s been left on, the health of the nail before applying the polish and how well the polish clings to the nail before any real damage will be seen.  So there are a lot of contributing factors to when damage might occur to the nail because of painting them with polish.

Because your nails are made from keratin, they will need ample amounts of dietary protein and supplements to remain strong and healthy.  Vitamin D is also vital so that the nails can absorb the calcium that is ingested into your body.  Increased amounts of magnesium are also important as it works to help maintain the strength of nails as you age.  Vitamin E is also important because it protects the body fat from turning rancid because of free radical movement.  The rancid fat can lead to premature aging and degenerative conditions within the body.

Your nails are a lot like your skin.  They need to have moisture in them to stay healthy.  When you are putting lotion on the rest of your body, include your nails and cuticles so that they will get the extra moisture that is so vital for them to continue to look good and stay healthy.  A lot of women will go to the nail salon and spend a fortune to have acrylic nails applied, filled, etc. but the majority of women still believe that it looks better to have clean, nice manicured nails that are real.

Do not bite your fingernails either as this makes your nails look bad and can also transport unwanted bacteria throughout your body.  There is a lot of dirt and germs that become trapped under the nail at any given time and biting your nails can also cause the skin and cuticles around the nails to become broken and lead to infection.

So to keep your nails looking good and being healthy, always keep them clean and well-manicured, do not bite them and do not over use polish.  Moisturize your nails often and they will continue to look as good as you want them to.

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