The Cause and Prevention of Acrylic Nail Fungus

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Acrylic Nail Fungus

Almost any place you go or any place you look these days that there are women, you will find acrylic nails.  Women use them to make their real nails look better, to enhance the appearance of their real nails, and cover up and type of discoloration that they have on their real nails.  When acrylic nails are applied they become thicker, longer and completely alter the way the natural nail should look.  Because of all of the products used to help maintain a woman’s nails, they are much more prone to be the victim of acrylic nail fungus infection.  It can occur between any of the layers of the real nail and the acrylic nail.

While a lot of people do not think this type of fungus is important, it can however cause more problems later down the road if it is not treated.  If you leave any type of fungus untreated, particularly a fungus that continues to stay in a damp, warm environment it only gets worse and will begin to spread to your other nails.  When a lot of salons apply acrylic nails to women, they do not always use utensils that have been sterilized properly and once it is infected it will spread from person to person.  So, in cases such as this, not only would one persons nails become infected anyone else who they used the same tools on would become infected as well.

What can you do to help prevent your nails from becoming infected?  A few simple steps can help keep your nails healthy.  If you go to a salon, make sure to ask if their tools are sterilized properly.  If they hesitate to tell you or do not want to tell you, you should find another nail salon as this should be common knowledge.  If you have talked with others who did visit that particular nail salon and they believe they were infected there from getting their acrylic nails, then you should probably steer clear also.

Another thing you can do is make sure to keep your hands and feet as dry as possible.  If they do become wet or have to be in a damp environment for a long period of time, try to dry them as often as you are able so that they do not remain damp.  It is not always possible, but try to keep the different layers of the acrylic nail as clean and dry as you can so that the fungus does not get under one nail and spread to others.

If you believe you have gotten an acrylic nail fungus infection you should begin treatment immediately.  The sooner you begin to treat it, the less likely you are to have it spread and cause further problems later on.  There are over the counter medications or medications prescribed by your doctor, but if you choose to use either or both, make sure you are well aware at all times of the side effects that come with those medications.

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