How To Treat Nail Fungus With Coconut Oil

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  • February 3, 2018
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Coconut oil

If anybody has ever experienced nail fungus and struggled with this unsightly infection knows how difficult it is to get treated. On an average, 6 to 8 percent of adults experience some types of nail infections related to fungus, and traditional testaments can take over a year or more to kill off this infection completely. Whilst there are very few studies that have been performed to confirm or deny the effectiveness of some natural remedies, there is much anecdotal proof that confirms the mounting benefits of many natural remedies for treating this condition.

Coconut oil is just one of them. When used in combination with oregano oil in purest form, coconut oil can help in restoring and strengthening the nails and its surrounding tissues, while providing the perfect vehicle for antifungal acids of oregano as well as coconut oil to penetrate deep into the nails where the fungus lives.

The First Step

Nail fungus infection generally results in a yellowish hue and makes the nail thicker than usual, unusually brittle and misshapen. Although there is no pain usually, the nail may be separated from the nail bed or skin underneath because of the progressing infection.
Of all the nails are deteriorating equally, you may not have nail fungus, but it could be a condition triggered by nutritional deficiency or something else. If dark spots are noticed on the nails, there is a high possibility that it could be melanoma. In either of the cases, you should see a doctor without any further delay.

Treating with Coconut Oil – Things to Gather

Before you start the treatment with coconut oil, you will need extra virgin coconut oil that can be purchased from any health food shop.

You will also need pure oregano oil – you will find it in any health shop. Buy oil, not capsule.

Steps to Take

  • Nail FungusYou have to prepare an ointment first, by mixing 1 part of pure oregano oil to 5 parts of coconut oil. Don’t use undiluted oregano oil directly on your skin, as can burn your skin.
  • Wash your toenails or fingernails (infected nails) properly and keep the nails well-trimmed.
  • Take small amount of the prepared ointment and massage thoroughly into your infected nails, emphasizing on the worst affected areas where your nails meet the skin. Skin tingling is very common, as oregano oil can make it burn. If it burns excessively, reduce the oregano oil proportion in the ointment.
  • Allow the ointment to soak completely before you wear your shoes or socks, or walk around.
  • Make this process a regular practice; do it every morning and evening, for at least 2 weeks till the infection disappears completely.
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