How Does Laser Help In Treating Nail Fungus

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  • February 3, 2018
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Laser Treatment

Nail fungus – the name in itself gives an irksome feeling. If you have ever suffered, or seen someone suffering, you will probably realize how difficult it is to get rid of this condition. While anybody can get their nails infected by fungus, both the toes and fingers, the infection normally thrives under the nail, which also protects the fungus.

Since the space under the nails is dark and most, providing environmental conditions under which they can thrive can make it even more difficult to eliminate infected nails and its suffering. Thankfully, there are many advanced treatments for the condition, which includes lasers too.

What to Expect from Laser?

Before going for laser treatment, it is very important to understand how it works. During the treatment, you will have a licensed laser practitioner who will direct a strong beam of laser light at the infected nails. The laser beam will penetrate your nails, killing the infection causing fungus that lies underneath. This light will also helps in eliminating any fungus that nests around the nails and nail beds. This treatment takes less than ten minutes. Since lasers do not damage the healthy tissues, this testament is not at all painful.

Expected Sessions

Because laser treatment is expensive, when you want to treat your nail fungus with lasers you must ask about the frequency of treatment. You may require a few repeated sessions. While most cases of nail fungus can be effectively treated in less than one session of laser, some severe conditions may need multiple sessions too. You must ask your practitioner clearly about your sessions and assess the situation.

Locate a Practitioner

Laser treatment cannot be done by everyone – not even a doctor who is not qualified to handle lasers. Therefore, you need a laser practitioner who s linseed to perform the treatment. Your podiatrist should be carrying appropriate laser for performing the treatment too.

Insurance Company and Laser Treatment

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As laser treatment is expensive, you must check with your insurance company. Most insurance companies do not cover laser treatment expenses; although they cover medications for nail fungal infection.

Laser treatment is not considered to be aesthetic; it is believed to be a cosmetic method, having no medical basis. Therefore, consultation with insurance providers is important.

After Laser Tips

After you have done your laser treatment, you must keep your nails dry, dry your hand and nails thoroughly, and make it a regular practice. Moist and damp fingers or toes can leads to recurrent infections. Even if you have done laser treatment that does not guarantee permanence. So, you have to take necessary measures to keep your nails clean and dry.

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